Expense Submitter Features

File Expenses

File Expenses quickly and easily from a smartphone, tablet and your desktop or, depending on your service level, submit receipts to us and we will File Expenses for you to update and add to expense reports when you next log in.

Our database captures all the relevant information required to approve your expense items on an expense report. File Expenses for mileage, travel, subsistence, accommodation or expenses of a more general nature. As an added bonus, maintain your mileage logs and subsistence claims consistent with requirements.

You can upload copies of your receipts by simply taking a photo with your smartphone or tablet, using our App, or scanning a copy to your PC and uploading to your account.

You can print an expense report sign and attach hardcopy receipts if required for approval.

Do you travel a lot? We can process expenses in any currency and convert to a home currency at live daily rates or a rate defined by you.

Review Status

Once you have Filed Expenses you can review and adjust online, create justifications or add more detail.

Electronic receipts are now acceptable for reporting purposes All your receipts are maintained by us so you do not have to worry about losing a receipt again and, whats more, Revenue now accept our electronic copies of your receipts if you need to file a return.

We have an extensive system of analytics which tell tell you everything you need to know about your expense reports submitted, approved and about payments outstanding or received.

What to Provide

Its easy to File Expenses. It could not get any simpler. Simply, create an account and log in.

You can File Expenses and upload receipts directly from your smartphone, tablet or online from your desktop. Whatever is convenient for you. File Expenses anywhere, anytime and in any currency. What more could you ask for?

If you want to relate your expenses to your credit card statement,or build and expense report from it, simply upload a copy of the exported statement file from your online banking account.

Do you have an invoice for goods purchased? Just upload it and assign it to your expense.

Did your employer sign your timesheet? Upload it and create an invoice or create an billable time expense report for your employer.

Work for an agency? No problem, we capture your time worked, have it approved and send it to your employer payroll for payment.

Its easy! Use our systems to File Expenses or send your receipts and details to us and we will File Expenses for you and upload your receipts.


This is the nice bit.

File Expenses ensures your expense reports are submitted on time and available for payment directly to your bank account once approved.