How it all Works

File Expenses facilitates expense management quickly and easily in any currency.

File Expenses revolves around the users within an account profile: Submitters, Approvers, Administrators. In each case, users have access to extensive reporting and analytics.

Account Types

File Expenses provide access to our systems on two account levels: Personal Account and Business Account.
Personal Account
A Personal Account (FREE)

Track all your expenses and store a copy of your receipts, invoices and bills in Google Drive. Using our systems you will never lose a bill or receipt again and you have access to some excellent reporting and analytics tools.

Business Account

Our business accounts are built for scale and complexity and deliver expense management quickly and easily.

Self-Employed, Contractor or Freelance
  • Track all your expenses with receipts and allocate according to your needs.
  • Track your billable time
  • Invoice your clients directly from our systems and include both billable time and associated expenses with receipts if necessary.
Small to Medium Enterprise
  • File Expenses caters for any size of organisation and delivers a solution based on your customised requirements
  • Your users, whether submitter, approver or administrators have access to cutting edge expense management tools
  • Where appropriate, we also facilitate VAT analysis allowing you to fully claim your VAT entitlement
  • Whatever your size, whatever currency you use and wherever your employees go, File Expenses gives you and them the Expense Management tools your business expects.
  • We operate live currency exchange rates to a home currency or facilitate your rate, whichever suits your requirements

Types of User

File Expenses provide access to our systems on three user levels: Submitter, Approver and Administrator.

All are linked on our systems with reminders and updates issued automatically by email when input is required.


Reports and Analytics

File Expenses provides access to extensive reporting tools through an analytics dashboard.

How do our accounts differ and what does it cost?

What to do now?

Simply sign up for one of our account levels. If you want a taste of what we offer, the personal account level provides FREE access to some of our features. Just email address required (no credit card).

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